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Zonar MyView & ZPass

Does your child ride a Boone County School bus to and/or from school? You’ll want to utilize the easy-to-use mobile app, Zonar My View!  The Zonar MyView app will provide clear communication and timely information to reduce parents’ need to call looking for the bus and to assist with daily planning for families. One-way messages can be sent to appropriate parents/guardians if a bus route is changed or delayed. Parents can follow the appropriate bus or route on their phones and receive alerts when the bus arrives and departs from school, arrives, and departs the parents' customized zones or has a change of plan in route.

In order to access this tool parents will need to download the MyView app from the App Store or Google Play. 

In order to set up an account and begin using the app parents will need to have the following three pieces of information:

  1. Boone County Schools Access Code for Zonar (BOO96482022)
  2. Student ID number (available on your Infinite Campus: Parent Portal account)
  3. Bus number(s)

From there you can create alert zones around drop-off and pick-up points specific to your child.


Each student is provided a ZPass Student Ridership ID card. Bus riders will “check in” and “check out” when they board and exit a school bus. This tool aids the school district and parents in quickly locating students and provides transportation with real time rosters for each bus.

How does the card work? Each Zpass card contains a passive RFID chip which is assigned a unique identifier when the card is issued to the student. When the card is tapped on the scanner, the RFID is activated and automatically logs their entry or exit time and location. The card does not offer any capability to track a student - it merely tells us when and where a student scanned the card on and off of the bus. Parents can download the My View Parent App and choose to receive information instantly and securely regarding when their child boarded or exited a bus.

What happens if my child loses their card? Students without cards will still be permitted to board the bus. If the card is lost or damaged, a new card can be requested by notifying your child’s school. If the card was recently lost, we ask that you look for two days before reporting the card as lost. If it is still lost after that time, please notify the school and a new card will be issued. If a lost card is found please return it to school.

 What information is stored on the card? The only information that is stored on the ZPass card is the unique identifier that is only meaningful to the ZPass program. A lost or stolen ZPass card does not put sensitive student information at risk. Parents will only have access to their student’s information. Under our terms with the company providing this technology, all student information is protected.

 Can I use the app to see where my child is if they are carrying the card?
There is NO ability to see where an individual student or where the card is.

 Can I Opt Out of this program?
Yes. If you do not wish to participate in this program, you will need to complete the Opt Out form for each child in your household. This form is available upon request through your child’s school and/or website.

ZPass Opt Out Form Here!

 Students whose families opted out of this program will receive a NON-RFID card. The NON- RFID card will still contain the student barcodes for use in the cafeteria and media center. This student identification card will still need to be presented when a student boards district transportation so that transportation staff will be able to identify students who are present on the bus.

Can I have more than one card for my child?
Students should NOT have more than one card; only one card at a time can be active in the system. Once a new card is printed, the old card is deactivated.

Still have questions? A list of frequently asked questions has been compiled using responses from the parent survey and from other districts who have already implemented this program. This document is found on the transportation page of the district website. If after reviewing this document you still have questions, please reach out to the transportation department directly.

Transportation Department Phone Number: 859-384-5340

Transportation Web Address:

Zonar/MyView Information: