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1 to 1 in the Classroom


Ask Three

It's impossible for any teacher to expect to have knowledge of the different devices coming into a BYOT classroom.  It is good to set a trouble shooting policy ahead of time that has your students ask 3 of their peers before they approach you.  Don't be afraid to use the other students who are masters with their devices to act as a teachers or troubleshooters.

Device Neutral Assignments (DNA)

There will be many different devices in your classroom with BYOD such as tablets, laptops and netbooks along with the school's desktop computers. The operating systems will vary with Windows, Apple, Blackberry and Android devices. Device Neutral Assignments and Activities or "DNA" will work best for all students and allow them to use their device of choice. They will be the most familiar with their own device's capabilitites.  For example use generic descriptions, instead of asking students to create a Powerpoint they will create a Presentation or even allow them to choose their finished product (essay, website, video, etc.)

Digital Citizenship

The practice of navigating the digital world safely, responsibly, and ethically.  All students have had access to Digital Citizenship lessons in Technology over the past two years.


A web-based learning enviornment that allows instructors and students to interact through the computer without worrying about time or place; an example would be Compass.

One-to-One (1:1)

One device per student in the classroom with the goal of making learning more individualized and to extend academics beyond the four-walled classroom. Even if you are not a Thornwilde BYOT Pilot classroom this year, with the addition of our Microsoft Surface RT carts you can have the opportunity to implement a 1:1 enviornment in your classroom.