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Technology Tips & Tricks


Need some help with technology issues?

The following links or documents have been provided for your convenience in hopes they can help you troubleshoot miscellaneous issues at home prior to exchanging a device due to limited Chromebook numbers. Should these tips NOT resolve your technology issue, please contact the Technology Help Desk to address your needs further. Additionally, you may contact our STC, Courtney Stephenson, directly at  Thank you!

Technology Help Desk - Submit your ticket HERE!

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* Quick tip #1: (Camera) Check the "shelf" position by using a two finger press on the mousepad, select "bottom". 

* Quick tip #2: You can test the Chromebook mic using this site -

* Quick tip #3 (Keyboard) You can plug in a regular keyboard into the USB port and type away.

* Quick tip #4 (Mouse)- You can plug in a wired or wireless mouse into the USB port and click away.

* Quick tip #5: (Microphone) You can use a pair of earbuds with a microphone on it.  Just plug it into the Chromebook!